Business: Welcome! My name is Jill Hatcher. I am the owner of Hatcher Events & Past and Present Photo, as well as the lead photographer/artist. All the images on this website are my own. I always use photos of real folks in the moment and events I have coordinated. These are not model wedding shoots or staged events.

Hatcher Events: Corporate and private event coordination for weddings, memorials, business meetings, family, music events, and celebrations. I can provide entertainment booking, venue recommendations, location setup and organization, professional photography, marketing, banners, sponsorship, permits, security.  I really enjoy helping create a stress-free event for you!

Sky River Rock Festival: Please view the facebook pages for this event as I am in trasition bringing the information to this site.

Past and Present Photo: My goal is to always provide you with quality photography, retouching and restoration, customized banners, as well as other digital imaging and graphic design services. I have been in the business of creating, capturing, and restoring memories since 1997. Engagements, weddings, senior photos, family shoots, music events, shooting artwork/website work, band photos, pets, creating banners. I enjoy all of it! My restoration knowledge comes in very handy for touching up everyone/everything. I have a light hand, but most photos can benefit from professional editing.  My style of photography would be considered photo journalistic. I like to capture the feel of the event, special moments, and of course traditional photos but with a modern/casual feel. I pride myself on being able to make your guests comfortable with my presence so they can relax around me and my camera, and that makes for much better photos. I prefer to shoot with available natural light. I do use flash, when necessary, but natural light makes every photo unique.

I have a special place in my heart for Photo Restoration. All restoration work is done on copies of your photo. I will preserve the details of the original photo, uncover the distinctive qualities, fix any color shift, digitally repair rips, tears, stains, keeping true to the original style of the times. I will then preserve your photo/photos on archival Kodak premium paper that will last 100 years. Additional editing services such as retouching, colorizing, enhancement, glamorization for photos (like the stars have done) is something I specialize in. I edit all the photo you will have printed; this is always included. All work is done on copies of your original photo using the industry standard Photoshop as a tool to enhance and retouch your photos, find the original beauty of a restoration, or produce graphic designs. 

Personal: I have been a photographer since High School (no need to go into how long that's been ;) I have been working as a professional event coordinator, photographer/restorer for the last 15 years. Most importantly, I have a fantastic son who is now a young man...he is my 2nd photographer, assistant/muscle for most photography and event jobs. He has such patience. My son has a very mild form of Autism called Asperger's. Being able to work from home as a photographer and event coordinator has been such a blessing to both of us.

I enjoy the process of creating and capturing memories for your special event <3

-Jill Hatcher